your kawaii is too dim
becomes a sports anime

My smile is always straightforward and pure!


this started off as a continuation for my daisuga week baseball au but then…… it developed into something worse. I’m not 100% happy with the uniform design but the white undershirt looks so much better than both orange and black.. idk what to doooo

(if you’re wondering who far have i gone with this au, this is how far also i’m sorry i don’t actually know much about baseball u_u!! sorry if something doesn’t make sense!)

p.s. when i was looking for refs for a back shot of a catcher i found this adorable pic that i wanna trace so bad 


Wiiii that’s my new fan art!!! (xxxx)
I opened this blog for my Anime/Manga side and I’m really happy about it!! ^O^

So that’s it!! This is what I was working on, I hope you like it and like this new style (?)

(I’m ali-intheworld)

I’m not betraying him! It’s a vassal’s duty to correct their master’s actions.

無題 || はちろ
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Himelda Window something something of the Blue something pankeiki





ハイキュ6 by どたばた.




it’s kagesuga day!!! 

i really just want them to walk home together more. i am a simple shipper